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Inlay Restorations

Inlays, Onlays and Their Benefits

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Inlays are indirect tooth fillings indicated for caries located at the center of the occlusal table. All the walls are intact, so the margins of the filling material are bound by the natural teeth.

Onlays are indirect fillings indicated for caries that extend towards one or more walls of the tooth. The margins of the restoration can extend to cover the natural tooth and depending on the decay or fracture, it is sometimes referred to as a partial crown.

Compared to traditional fillings which are performed in the patient’s mouth, inlays and onlays are indirect restorations. These are custom-made filling material fabricated on a dental cast in the laboratory using gold, composite, porcelain or ceramic.


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The Process:

Step 1: The diseased tissue is cleaned and removed, and the tooth is prepared in such as way so that the filling can be pulled in and out of the cavity for seating and cementation.

Step 2: A snap impression can be taken, to check the appearance of the cavity preparation. This will check for undercuts that may be a problem during fabrication and installation.

Step 3: A full mouth impression will be taken of the upper and lower jaws, and a stone will be poured into the negative mould so that a cast can be created. The finished cast will be sent to the laboratory and the filling will be fabricated.

Step 4: Using the designated filling material, the inlay is constructed with margins that meet the walls of the natural teeth with perfect harmony. The filling material should resemble the normal anatomy of the tooth.

Step 5: The inlay should be tried in the mouth and adjustments should be made before it is installed. When everything is perfect, the inlay is fixed in the tooth with a dental cement or adhesive.

When Will You Need Inlays and Onlays?

An inlay restoration can be given to the following conditions:

  • tooth that is decayed
  • to replace any fractured fillings
  • to fill a large cavity on a tooth where retention is not reliable
  • to achieve better aesthetics

Consult with Saratoga dentist, Dr. Prasad to learn how inlays and onlays can restore your teeth to optimum health.

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