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Dentures and Partial Dentures

complete dentures dentist saratogaDentures are removable dental appliance fabricated for the purpose of replacing lost teeth. Dentures have artificial teeth and they take support from adjacent anatomical structures.

On the contrary, dental implants and dental bridges are almost permanently fixed to the jaw bone. Dentures can be easily taken off before sleeping, for cleaning, or whenever wanted without the assistance of the dentist.

Dentures Saratoga CA

Partial Dentures

These dentures have three parts generally- the artificial teeth, the pink gum-mimicking base to which the replacement teeth are attached and a metal scaffold for the purpose of connection. Partial dentures are presented as a treatment option for those who have few of their teeth missing and rest of their permanent teeth strongly secured.

Complete Dentures

These are similar to partial dentures because they also have artificial teeth attached to a gum-mimicking base but there is no metal scaffold as the prostheses consists of only the teeth and base.  It is intended to be used only for those individuals who have no permanent teeth remaining at all, like in aged patients and those who have grossly decayed teeth that are beyond repair.

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