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If you want to preserve the health of your mouth and if you want to maintain your teeth in your mouth, it is important for you to get periodontal treatment early when there is still something to salvage.

The following are some of the dental procedures that are performed by your Saratoga dentist, Dr. Prasad, to treat periodontal disease. The type of periodontal treatment that the patient should receive will depend on the existing state of gum health and the specific needs that should resolve the given problem.

Proper Home Care

The most basic treatment for gum disease is proper home care. When the patient’s efforts are not enough, a dentist can instruct the patient of the right way, the right frequency and tools to use when brushing, flossing and rinsing. Specialized medicated mouthwashes and toothpastes may also be prescribed to promote gum health. This is indicated for patients with gingivitis. The disease is completely reversible so proper hygiene can very well revert oral health status.

Scaling and Root Planing

Apart from carrying out your own efforts at home, you can visit the dentist to receive a thorough scaling and planning procedure. This involves cleaning through all surfaces of the teeth to remove any adherent plaque and tartar that can worsen the health condition of the mouth.

Pocket Elimination Surgery

Diseased gum will appear flabby, swollen and will have lost its firm attachment to the teeth. It may appear hyperplastic and can cover the teeth. Deep pocketing may also be observed and within these pockets, bacteria thrive and continue to spread infection. Through pocket elimination surgery, the diseased portion of the gum tissue is removed so that the infection can be prohibited to make further damage. Pocket elimination surgery can be performed with a scalpel and blade, an electrocautery device or a laser machine.


When soft tissue and bone has been destroyed due to gum disease, tissue and bone replacement and regeneration may be carried out through a series of grafting procedures. To replace the tissues that have been lost, gum and bone grafts will be used and membranes may be incorporated to the treatment to enhance healing and tissue growth.

Always, disease is better addressed when the condition is detected at its early stages. Gingivitis is a reversible and with proper scaling and planning, the state of the periodontium can be brought back to health and the progression of the disease can be effectively halted.

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