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Mouth – Body Connection

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Periodontal Disease and Its Connection to Your Overall Health

Studies have shown that periodontal disease can be related to various conditions of the body such as heart disease, respiratory disease, diabetes and various pregnancy complications.

Heart Disease

Several theories can explain the relation of gum health to heart disease. Some believe that bacterial strains that cause gum disease can join the bloodstream and attach to the coronary artery, so causing a fatal clot that can cause a heart attack. Some also believe that the inflammation brought about by the infection can also cause the blood vessels to become inflamed and make any pre-existing heart conditions so much worst than they really are.


It has been found that patients with diabetes are more at risk of developing gum disease. Periodontal disease will gum disease saratogaincrease sugar content in the blood, so glucose is much harder to control; at the same time, there is an observed thickening of the blood vessels with diabetic patients so excess sugar is so much harder to get rid of.

Respiratory Disease

The same bacteria that causes periodontal disease can cause or worsen various respiratory illnesses such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Pneumonia, Emphysema and so forth because the bacteria can travel to and colonize the respiratory tract. More so, the inflammation observed in the gum tissues, can also cause the linings of the lungs to be inflamed, thus aggravating various respiratory conditions.


A woman who is pregnant is more susceptible to gum disease because of hormonal imbalance. Apart from pregnancy, this is also common with pubescent and menopausal women. Due diligence should be observed to protect a pregnant woman against periodontal disease because a pregnant woman with periodontitis is more at risk of having premature or underweight child or even suffer from preeclampsia.

Prostaglandin levels are seen to increase when a patient is suffering from periodontitis. Prostaglandin is a known labor-inducing chemical which triggers premature labors. At the same time, C-reactive proteins which may be linked to heart disease is increased with Periodontitis, giving rise to preeclampsia and underweight babies.

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