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Healthy Periodontal Maintenance

After receiving appropriate periodontal treatment for your gum condition, it is important for you to seek healthy periodontal maintenance. A healthy periodontium prevents disease recurrence or re-infection. Most of the supporting tissues will be rehabilitating and you need to afford it with enough care and special attention.

Take the following guidelines into consideration:

  1. Observe proper oral hygiene measures at home. Be diligent with your own efforts and afford your mouth with the necessary line of defense that will effectively combat disease
  2. Schedule regular visits to your dentist. It is important that your dentist is able to monitor the condition of your periodontium after treatment. This is essential so that proper guidance can be provided to you and your efforts will be supported by regular cleaning and scaling.
  3. During your visits to the dentist part of the monitoring will include taking of diagnostic x-rays. This will better assess the health of the bone.
  4. At home, apart from normal brushing, flossing and rinsing, you may want to make use of periodontal brushes or electric toothbrushes. The use of tongue cleaners can also help eliminate much of the plaque from the mouth that usually inhabits in the tongue area. Finally, you can also consider making use of products with enough fluoride content, may be prescribed to improve oral health condition.

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