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Causes of Periodontal Disease

causes of periodontal disease

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The causes of periodontal disease are wide and varied. This is why it is most recommended that you consult with your dentist for more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Poor Oral Hygiene

The main cause periodontal disease is poor oral hygiene. When your efforts at home are not enough, bacteria will populate the mouth and can cause Gingivitis and Periodontitis.


About 30% of patients develop gum disease due to their genetic predisposition.

Tobacco Use

Continued use of tobacco has also been related to the development and progression of gum disease. Smoking retards tissue healing so their foul habit further compromises oral health.

Diet and Stress

When a person is stressed or is malnutritioned, his immune system is lowered so the individual is more at risk of developing the disease.

Pregnancy and Menopause

During pregnancy and memopause, women experience hormonal changes that can bring effects not only to the body but also to the gums, making them more susceptible to gum disease.


The constant grinding or clenching of teeth do not just bring damage to the teeth but also the soft tissues.

Diabetes and Systemic Disease

Certain medical conditions such as diabetis, arthritis, osteoporosis, respiratory disease and heart disease increase the chances of a patient for developing gum disease.


The use of certain medications such as anti-depressants, oral contraceptive pills and steroids affect the conditions of the teeth and gums.

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