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Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Say Goodbye to Tooth Pain

Teeth extractions involve the pulling out of teeth that has become grossly decayed or fractured and are in a severely damaged state. This occurs because of long standing cases of dental decay and other reasons like sheer neglect in the maintenance of oral hygiene.

A decayed tooth is usually brought back into original shape and form by dental treatments like tooth fillings and root canal therapy. Teeth extractions can be the last resort and is only opted if the damage to the tooth is beyond repair and the tooth is in a non-restorable condition.
teeth extractions saratoga

Teeth Extractions Saratoga

Simple Teeth extractions

Simple teeth extractions involve the pulling out of teeth that are easily accessible and visible in the oral cavity. In this type of extraction, particular instruments like elevators and forceps are employed to pull out the tooth by placing the grip on the visible portion of the tooth.

Surgical Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth are generally extracted by surgical method as they remain impacted (within the bone) most of the times. Surgical teeth extractions involve the removal of teeth or portions of teeth (root part) that have inadequate or no visibility and accessibility. This procedure requires an incision to locate the tooth and pull it out completely.

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