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Laser Dentistry

The Many Benefits of Dental Technology and Lasers

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While the use of lasers is not entirely new in dentistry, they have found a new application in the industry. The initial applications of lasers were used in restorative fillings for curing composite resins. It is also used in diagnosis; a laser device can be shone on the tooth to detect the presence of cracks and cavities. It is also useful in teeth whitening procedures. A laser light is flashed onto the teeth during a bleaching procedure to boost the effects of the whitening agent.

Laser Dentistry Saratoga CA

Today, lasers can used to shape and cut through soft tissue and teeth. The use of laser dentistry reduces pain, bleeding, healing time and anxiety. The action of lasers is more precise, so the procedure is least invasive compared to traditional methods.

The Application of Dental Lasers

Cutting or Shaping of Soft Tissue – Instead of using a blade, you can reshape soft tissue for various purposes, by exposing it to the laser light. This results in a more precise and clean cut that heals better.

Importance of Laser Dentistry

  • It preserves much of the health of the soft tissue, teeth and bone
  • It takes away the need for sutures after the procedure
  • It encourages faster tissue healing and regeneration
  • It removes the need for anesthesia
  • It reduces bleeding during and after the procedure
  • It reduces the risk of bacterial infection

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