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What is a Malocclusion?

Malocclusion and Bad Bite

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Malocclusion is the term that refers to teeth that are not fitted together. This affects not only the arrangement of the teeth but also the shape of the jaw and the appearance of the face. Certain conditions of malocclusion are inherited, but there are some conditions that are acquired from a bad habit or the premature loss of teeth.

The following are the three main classifications of malocclusion:

Class I

The occlusion of the upper and lower teeth is normal but there may be problems with the spacing and arrangement of the teeth, as a whole.

Class II

There is a malocclusion which positions the upper teeth more forward than the lower teeth. It is also known as an overbite.

Class III

There is a malocclusion which positions the lower teeth more forward than the upper teeth. It is also known as an underbite.

Well-aligned teeth may not seem so important to you but it comes with many benefits. When your teeth are straight, you will not only look better, but your teeth will be easier to clean, speech will not all be hampered and the integrity of your facial muscles will be maintained very well.

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Depending on the case at hand, Saratoga dentist Dr. Prasad will design a treatment plan that will resolve all kinds of orthodontic issues. The following are the most common treatment methods employed in Orthodontics:

  1. Fixed Orthdontics Braces – the most popular treatment method employed in Orthodontics and it makes use of dental brackets, archwires and rubbers. The brackets are adhered to the teeth and the other components are combined with the appliance to bring about movement that puts the teeth into its proper place.
  2. Removable Appliances – The application of removable appliances to the treatment of various orthodontic cases may be treatment as a whole or may be supportive to the fixed appliance, so they may be prescribed for wear before or after the fixed appliance.
  3. Invisalign this is a modern technique used in our Saratoga dental practice where the orthodontic treatment is carried out through the use of clear aligners. The trays are not at all noticeable when they are worn so they are most popular as the “invisible aligners”, and they are the more comfortable and aesthetically appealing alternative to fixed braces with unsightly brackets, archwires and rubbers.

For bad bite concerns, you can trust Argonaut Dental to help you get proper orthodontic treatment and restore the confidence in your smile.

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