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Solve Misaligned Teeth Problems

orthodontics sunnyvaleOrthodontics is the discipline in Dentistry that governs the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of any problems with the jaw, facial asymmetry and bite. The specialist that performs orthodontic procedures is called an orthodontist; and to be one he/she will have attended extra years to train in the field.

When will you need orthodontic treatment?

  1. Overcrowding – Crowded teeth can be a problem for many people; making the teeth harder to clean and definitely tougher to look at. When there is not enough space for the teeth in the jaw, they become crowded. This is often the problem when there the jaw is much too narrow or the baby teeth are lost too early and space is lost.
  2. Anteroposterior Deviation – there is often a discrepancy between how the upper and the lower jaws meet when they mouth is closed. The anteroposterior deviation may bring about an underbite (with the lower jaw protruding over the upper jaw) or an overbite (with the upper jaw protruding over the lower jaw, too much). It may be very well pronounced or almost not noticeable at all, but either way, they are discrepancies that need to be resolved.
  3. Aesthetic Problems – misaligned and improperly positioned teeth destroy the beauty of your smile. When your teeth are crooked, you display a smile that does not look good and definitely does not feel good for you.


Traditional orthodontics make use of brackets, archwires and rubber ligatures. At Argonaut Dental, we offer Invisalign clear braces/aligners as the better alternative to traditional braces. With Invisalign, we do away with the metal brackets and archwires held by rubber ligatures and adhered to the facial surface of the teeth.

Having metal wires in the mouth will eventually lead to uncomfortable smiles. With Invisalign, you don’t have to come back every month for an adjustment. Since the clear aligners are removable they are more comfortable to wear and easier to maintain because it does not get in the way of your eating and the regular cleaning your teeth.

Consult trusted dentist in Saratoga, Dr. Sahana Prasad today to know more about our Invisalign treatments. Call (408) 867-1800.

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