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The Better Alternative to Traditional Braces

invisalign sunnyvaleThe use of dental braces has always brought impressive results but patients have always had an issue with the appearance of the braces in the mouth. The metal is much too unsightly in the mouth. It disrupts the smile and it disrupts so many other things, such as eating and speech, so some people refuse to go for traditional braces.

Invisalign resolves all of the uncomfortable appearance issues that patients have with traditional braces. The treatment is carried out with the use of invisible aligners or trays which are custom-made to address specific orthodontic issues.

Argonaut Dental patients will be prescribed with about 12 to 24 trays; and each tray will be worn for a time to bring about a specific movement.

How Invisalign helps you have straighter, healthier teeth

Not all patients are ideal for Invisalign aligners, but the following cases can be corrected by the clear aligners:


Normally, the upper teeth should be positioned a little forward to the lower teeth. Sometimes, a few or some of the upper teeth will be locked under the lower teeth. This is called a crossbite, and this can be resolved by Invisalign.


When there is insufficient space for the teeth to erupt, they erupt above each other and appear quite crowded in the mouth. Crowded teeth can be quite difficult to clean. Food always get stuck in between, allowing caries to develop.


An underbite is a malocclusion condition where the lower teeth are set further than the upper teeth.


An overbite is a malocclusion condition where the upper teeth are set further than the lower teeth.

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