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Teeth Whitening

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Teeth stains have become unavoidable due to our daily intake of a number of foods and drinks like tea, coffee, spicy food and soda. Thanks to the latest teeth whitening technology, dentists are able to whiten teeth without any ill effects on the tooth structure.

Nearly all whitening techniques are alike in concept, but some turn out to be more efficient because of the manner in which the whitening agent is applied to the teeth. Another factor is the quantity of the whitening agent in a product, which is why less powerful over-the-counter whitening products generally fail to give patients the outcome they are eager for.

The two main techniques of professional teeth whitening are tray whitening and in-office whitening. In the case of tray whitening, an impression is recorded and a custom tray is prepared for the patient. Then, the patient is asked to apply whitening gel onto the tray and wear it for few hours daily until the desired outcome is realized. The patient may have tooth sensitivity which is a normal side-effect of this technique of tooth whitening, but is generally mild in nature.

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Unlike tray whitening, in-office whitening is the most effective method of whitening. There are many techniques of in-office whitening although the process is almost the same. Also, you can get your teeth whitened in a single appointment and get the aspired results.

Your Saratoga dentist, Dr. Prasad will provide you with information in detail and that might help you to choose a technique that is more apt for you and your teeth as well.

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