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Composite Fillings

Get your teeth restorefillingsd back to health

Composite fillings are made of a special type of strong composite resin that can be molded into a required shape. The main feature of this material is that it directly bonds to the tooth which it fills while also looking natural.

A composite filling Saratoga has double action of filling and sealing a tooth, both at the same time. The result is a more esthetic and gorgeous smile.

Fillings that match your teeth for a natural look

This material has got a high demand in the field of cosmetic dentistry as it can be matched to the tooth shade to give a natural look. The material also settles in to the natural tooth surface pretty well. They are forming an integral part of treatment procedures in family dentistry as silver amalgam is not much in demand amongst children and young adults owing to its bulkier form and metallic color.

Composite fillings have become the favorite of both dentists and patients because of the esthetic appearance and because they are free from mercury content. These are most suitable for small restorations where the reason of the decay is decreased.

Your Saratoga dentist, Dr. Prasad will decide whether a tooth or the situation in which the tooth is, is appropriate for the placement of a composite filling.

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