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Dentist Reviews: Know What Real People Say

I have finally found a Dental home, right here in Saratoga. It has a professional, competent and caring staff.

— Maxine B. (Saratoga, CA)

Dr. Prasad is the dentist I have been looking for all these years! I thoroughly recommend Dr. Prasad, and all the kind people who work in her office.

— Dr. Marlene S. MD (Saratoga, CA)

My experience at Argonaut Dental has been outstanding from start to finish. Dr. Prasad did an excellent job and I am extremely happy about my new smile.

— Susan K. (Saratoga, CA)

Albeit that I did not agree to this procedure so that I could have a set of “Hollywood” teeth, my wife told me she couldn’t believe how much better my teeth looked.

— Len J. (Saratoga, CA)

My husband and I are very blessed to have Dr. Prasad and her staff for our dentist. they treat us with great kindness.

— Nidia M (Saratoga, CA)

I have been afraid of anything to do with dental visits my entire life. This is the first dentist I feel comfortable with for providing care as well as the office staff making me at ease. They are very professional, provide top notch service, and very friendly.

— Susan G (Saratoga, CA)

Excellent staff,

— Cecilia C (Saratoga, CA)

Would recommend this place in a heartbeat.

— Nidhi K (Saratoga, CA)

No pain after the procedure! A real master! (That’s the most important thing as far as I’m concerned!)

— Tony L (Saratoga, CA)

Dr Prasad is amazing. My daughter broke half her tooth and Dr Prasad was able to quickly repair it and matched the color perfectly. The office staff are kind and accommodating. It Is a great dental practice.

— Ellie P (Saratoga, CA)

Professional, competent, friendly, personalized, timely, and outstanding quality service.

— Rosielyn H (Saratoga, CA)

Staff is caring and skillful and give plenty of time to patients before, during and after procedures.

— Janet H (Saratoga, CA)

Very professionally-run office. The staff sincerely cares about awesome patient care.

— Kathleen S (Saratoga, CA)

Dr. Prasad and her staff and caring and competent. Dr. Prasad is very thorough in explaining procedures so there are no surprises.

Highly recommend!

— Mary S (Saratoga, CA)

Great team, great atmosphere and excellent treatment quality. Can’t get any better considering this is dental care clinic…

Dr Prasad has very good skills, she is quick accurate and you can’t ask for more from a dentist.

— Abraham R (Saratoga, CA)

Great, courteous and professional service as always.

— Iftikhar A (Saratoga, CA)

They are great with both adults and kids. I am glad I found this place, now my whole family goes there.

— Ekatrina K (Saratoga, CA)

I always feel welcome at Dr. Prasad’s office. I also appreciate the follow up after my procedure.

— Deanna V (Saratoga, CA)

Great staff. As someone who doesn’t like dentists, well continue to go here for my dental needs.

— Randol W (Saratoga, CA)

Great as always!!

— Venkat B (Saratoga, CA)

Fast, productive, friendly, clean, cost effective

— Anonymous (Saratoga, CA)


— Rosielyn H (Saratoga, CA)

Consistently excellent work & very friendly staff.

— Monty B (Saratoga, CA)

Love this place

— Nidhi K (Saratoga, CA)

I love visiting my dentist’s office. Starting with Bambi at the front office to Marisella who does a great job cleaning my teeth and Dr. Prasad with Jaclyn’s assistance who can finish a filling in no time- can’t thank them enough for making my visits painless.

— Anonymous (Saratoga, CA)

Great service and very personable. They are flexible and do everything possible to make you feel comfortable!

— Anonymous (Saratoga, CA)

Dr Prasad and her team were professional and friendly. They were thorough in their work, the equipment and facilities were great, and all the staff have great demeanours.
Bambi was particularly helpful in explaining benefits coverage and how to work insurance companies.
I highly recommend the quality and service of Argonaut. I’m glad to be part of their practice.

— Loretta C (Saratoga, CA)

Bambi is a warm, welcoming presence on the phone and at the front desk.
Marisela makes every cleaning fly by with her charm and professionalism.
Dr. Prasad’s work is exemplary and my teeth have never felt stronger.
Highly recommend.

— Alexander L (Saratoga, CA)

Excellent dental practice. I had a tooth emergency and they were able to accommodate me. Patient well being is their top priority. Dr. Sahana is very efficient and makes sure that the procedure is painless. She has been my family dentist for 6 years and I can confidently say that she is the BEST! Her team – Bambi, Maricella, and Jacqlyn are all very skilled. Overall, you receive 5 star treatment.

— Sidharth B (Saratoga, CA)

Great experience!

— Jarod K (Saratoga, CA)

I went for a routine cleaning/check up and they found that I needed a filling.
I had the time and so did the doctor and it was done in a jiffy.
No pain at all, and numbness went away in 1/2 hr.
Dr. Prasad and her staff are great!!

— Rose T (Saratoga, CA)

Great customer service…they went out of their way to make me comfortable.

— Yogini P (Saratoga, CA)

I had a great experience! Dr. Prasad was so thorough – she talked to me about issues that my life long prior dentist never even mentioned or showed concern in. Dr. Prasad and her entire staff were awesome, attentive, and very kind. My husband has been a patient there for years and now I know why!

— Laura W (Saratoga, CA)

Marisela did an outstanding job! Dr. Prasad is always friendly and thorough!

— Bambi S (Saratoga, CA)

I find t his office and staff very friendly and helpful.

— James T (Saratoga, CA)

I have been going to Argonaut Dental since it opened. I have not had to wait more then 5 minutes for my appointment ever! I really appreciate that they never push to do more then is necessary (like my last dentist.) I find the entire staff helpful and professional. I am one patient that keeps smiling because of the great care I get from Dr. Prasad.

— Stacy S (Saratoga, CA)

I had a great experience with all aspects of my dental visit. I had previously experienced poor dental care at my last dentist and was nervous before my dental procedure. Dr. Prasad and her staff made me feel at ease during my procedure and did a professional job.

— Michael S (Saratoga, CA)

Dr . Prasad is wonderful . She exhibits a high level of professionalism.I feared going to the dentist for years but not any more . She her staff put me at ease and allayed my fears.
I did require a lot of treatment due to my neglectfulness . Happy to say my visits were pain free . I certainly don’t worry about going to see Dr. Prasad . Can’t say enough good things about them .They make me smile !
I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Prasad and her staff to anyone .

— Anne J (Saratoga, CA)

Nice friendly office. Bambi was great, she answered all my insurance questions. I was impressed with the technology the office had to offer and most importantly it was clean and organized.

— Anonymous (Saratoga, CA)

Dr Sahana is very proficient at treating all issues with your teeth. She is proactive in preventing minor issues from getting big. Her staff is also very talented. Overall, it is always a pleasant experience at Dr Sahana’s office for my entire family.

— Arjun B (Saratoga, CA)

Marisela and Bambi are excellent, in addition to Dr. Prasad.

— Guha J (Saratoga, CA)


— Anonymous (Saratoga, CA)

Great dental services. : )

— Anonymous (Saratoga, CA)

The office is clean, friendly, and overall a great place for dental procedures

— Ellauna M (Saratoga, CA)

Dr. Prasad and her entire staff have been great in understanding the unique needs of my 91 yr. old mother and creating both a treatment plan a patient/client relationship that suits her individual needs. Tom Dietrich

— Katherine D (Saratoga, CA)

Efficient, professional and very nice people.

— Anonymous (Saratoga, CA)

I bless the Lord for the quality of your service.

— Edgar M (Saratoga, CA)

Always a pleasant visit!

— Stefanie L

They are great with both adults and kids. I am glad I found this place, now my whole family goes there.

— Ekatrina K (Saratoga, CA)

Great care. Very gentle and thorough.

— Anonymous (Saratoga, CA)

Dr. Prasad is skillful, pleasant and cares for the patient.
The office has up to date equipment, easy parking and clean.

— Anonymous (Saratoga, CA)


— Guha J (Saratoga, CA)

Very friendly. I love the place!

— Lakshmi K (Saratoga, CA)

I don’t have the healthiest teeth, nor do I love the dentist’s office, but even through all the bad news Dr. Prasad’s office treated me pretty darn well. Good hygienist too.

— Anonymous (Saratoga, CA)

Great dental practice! I found all of the staff and the dentist to be meticulous, thorough, and caring. They explained
everything to me step by step.

— Corinne G (Saratoga, CA)

As always, a pleasant experience.

— Peter F (Saratoga, CA)

I have been with several dental offices and no experience compares to Argonaut Dental’s. All the staff, from Dr. Prasad to the hygienist, front desk staff and dental assistants are the most kind, friendly, and most of all, gentle people I’ve had the pleasure of visiting. I would (and do) recommend this office to anyone i have the opportunity to.

— Darren T (Saratoga, CA)

My family has been seeing Dr. Prasad for about 2 years.Dr. Prasad and her staff are wonderful. They’re all gentle and ease you through the anxiety of being at the Dentist. They make you feel super comfortable. Dr. Prasad has all the state-of-the-art machines and the office is super clean. Dr. Prasad is very competent, super educated Dentist- she knows what she is doing.

— Anonymous (Saratoga, CA)

I brought my 2 elderly parents in recently and cannot write highly enough about how well they were treated. Very professional yet down to earth and very welcoming.

— Anonymous (Saratoga, CA)

The entire crew at Argonaut Dental work hand-in-hand with care and efficiency.

— Cynthia E (Saratoga, CA)

Always great!

— Susan K (Saratoga, CA)

Best Staff Ever——Bambi, Marisela and Jaclyn
and Doctor Prasad is exceptional. Glad I found them right here in Saratoga.

— Anonymous (Saratoga, CA)

I have been a patient of Dr. Prasad for a year. Her office is beautiful and certainly state of the art.
All the people on her staff with whom you interact are gracious, friendly and very knowledgeable.
I feel very confident with Dr. Prasad’s professionalism and am pleased with my choice of dentist after being with my previous dentist for 42 years until he retired.

— Anonymous (Saratoga, CA)

Professional, skilled, personable, caring and above all completely focused on the needs of the patient.

— Rosielyn H (Saratoga, CA)

Very good experience. Everyone is very friendly and professional. They make sure you understand procedures, and work carefully to keep you comfortable during any procedures. We’ve been going there for a few years, and are very happy with their work.

— Dayna S (Saratoga, CA)

Great experience!

— Jerame K (Saratoga, CA)

Professional, personable, pleasant.

— Lawrence R (Saratoga, CA)

I’m very happy to have to have Dr. Prasad as my dentist. I had a lot of problem’s with my teeth and she has done a super job fixing them up. I can chew better, look better and even sleep better. She also has a great staff working with her. I’d highly recommend her to anyone that was looking for a good dentist.

— Lenora T (Saratoga, CA)

Everyone in the office is so friendly. Im always well informed of what is being done.

— Ofelia O (Saratoga, CA)

The staff is friendly, the office is warm and welcoming, and my cleaning/check-up was painless! I was treated as though I was part of the family. I will, and already have, recommended Dr. Prasad and her team to my family and friends in the South Bay.

— Majhon P (Saratoga, CA)

Excellent work and friendly staff

— Robert E (Saratoga, CA)

Excellent care. the staff is always helpful, and the dental care is always top notch.

— Anonymous (Saratoga, CA)

Great service.

— Leena J (Saratoga, CA)

Very professional.
Great service, friendly people.
Good work.
Thank you.

— Jerry S (Saratoga, CA)

What can I say? They are the best.

— Daniel D (Saratoga, CA)

Professional & efficient both within the front office and dental services.
Office presents a warm greeting to the customer,
and always seems to be healthfully clean and neat.
Website is professional and friendly. Very modern Silicon Valley approach to their customers.
Staff appears well trained, and relates well to the Dentist.
Pricing appears to be competitive within the area.

— Maynard D (Saratoga, CA)

I am quite picky about my dentists and was always disappointed until I met Dr. Prasad. She is very knowledgeable, professional and caring. She treats you as if you are a member of her family and will only do what needs to be done to your teeth. All the staff are great and the atmosphere of the office is very friendly. This is family to me and my 2 teenage boys!

— Rika H (Saratoga, CA)

Dr. Prasad and her staff are professional,friendly. Every recommendation made by the Dr. Is explained thoroughly. I’ve had a really hard time finding a dentist in this area that met my standards: clean office, professional staff, up to date technology. Dr. Prasads office has all that. I’m very happy with all the services I’ve received, and would DEFINATELY recommend Argonaut Dental to my friends.

— Lea Anne L (Saratoga, CA)

I was very, very pleased with my visit. Dr. Prasad is extremely thorough and believes in preservation and prevention and does not promote unncessary procedures. My husband needs a significant amount of work and she spent quite a bit of time with us reviewing options and coming up with a long term treatment plan.

— Janet W (Saratoga, CA)

Friendly, efficient, quality service.

— Sandra G (Saratoga, CA)

Awesome per-usual

— Ashley W (Saratoga, CA)

Dr. Prasad, her receptionist, Bambi, and her assistants provided the most pleasant experience I’ve had at a dental office. I highly recommend anyone to utilize her services. The staff there are friendly, helpful, and Dr. Prasad was extremely gentle with my teeth and highly informative about the process.

— Darren T (Saratoga, CA)

Great service and dental treatments for all members of the family!

— Susan K (Saratoga, CA)

It is always pleasant to come in.

— Lillian B (Saratoga, CA)

Excellent work

— Flora C (Saratoga, CA)

Always fastidious and meticulous in procedures, your conscientous work ethic encourages Mr. and Mrs. Ellis to unhesitatingly refer friends to Dr. Prasad and her team for dentistry.

— James E (Saratoga, CA)

“About two years ago, I realized that I had stopped keeping my dental visits because I didn’t like my dentist. I noticed Dr. Prasad’s office one day when I was shopping at Argonaut. I called and spoke to Dr. Prasad’s assistant, Amy, who told me all about Dr. Prasad’s very solid credentials. At the end of the conversation, I asked, do you like working for your boss? She answered genuinely, “Oh yes, she is the most wonderful person.”

Since that time, I have found Dr. Prasad to be an exceptional dentist– and the truly lovely person her assistant described. She is gentle, kind, thoughtful, thorough– and entirely ethical. Together, we decided to enroll me in the Invisalign program to correct my bite and improve the appearance of my teeth, even though I had braces for years as a teenager. My previous dentist also wanted me to do cosmetic work, but he wasn’t able to adequately explain why the work was so important to my dental health. Frankly, I also mistrusted his motivation in recommending expensive dental work. In contrast, Dr. Prasad helped me decide on the best plan to improve my appearance, and protect my teeth and gums for the future. Her office staff even helped me sort out a plan to pay for the work.

Dr. Prasad is the dentist I have been looking for all these years! I thoroughly recommend Dr. Prasad, and all the kind people who work in her office.”

Dr. Marlene S. MD, Saratoga, CA

“During my very first visit to the offices of Dr. Sahana Prasad, she did her examination and told me that my teeth were highly worn down by my grinding and that I was in danger of having my teeth crack.

I knew about the grinding and could see the visible effects of it every time I looked in a mirror and opened my mouth. But I had never heard about the possibility of my teeth cracking.

Dr. Prasad explained to me what to do, and that involved putting new crowns on almost every one of the 29 teeth in my mouth. The cost of the whole procedure was not going to be an insignificant amount, not at all..

Hearing these words from a total stranger – as I said, it was my very first visit to her office – would normally have sent up a “red flag” message to me. But Dr. Prasad’s demeanor exuded confidence and trust. So I said I would do it.

From that point on, my several visits leading up to the full procedure instilled more confidence in me that this was the right thing to be doing. The staff with whom I interacted were all quite friendly and totally professional. Bambi Salamida as the receptionist and office manager was a joy to interact with, friendly and thorough, and always, always with a welcoming smile. And Amy Springer was Dr. Prasad’s able assistant through the procedure.

I was amazed to experience the effort that they all went to that led up to the actual work in my mouth. Not only was a “mold” of my mouth made, but they mounted the mold of my existing upper teeth and the mold of my existing lower teeth onto a movable apparatus that allowed them to study how my teeth come together during normal mouth movements. This apparatus was then given to an external lab where my new teeth would be constructed. On at least two occasions, the technical head from the lab came to Dr. Prasad’s office where they both examined my mouth and discussed the proper approach. When they finally agreed on the approach, the date was set for the procedure.

I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the whole (initial) procedure went. In about six hours, Dr. Prasad had prepared 24 teeth in my mouth and had created a temporary upper and lower plate to be worn for three weeks (while the final teeth were being constructed). When the final teeth were ready, a second visit of about five hours completed the task.

The “after procedure” care was no different from the care I received leading up to the final procedure. I had a couple of annoying scraping sounds that would occur when I moved my lower teeth against my upper teeth. I received immediate attention to those issues, and within a couple of days, my teeth felt quite “normal” in my mouth.

Albeit that I did not agree to this procedure so that I could have a set of “Hollywood” teeth, my wife told me she couldn’t believe how much better my teeth looked.”

Len J., Saratoga, CA


“My experience at Argonaut Dental has been outstanding from start to finish. Dr. Sahana Prasad and the staff explained the porcelain veneer process to me, step by step. I felt well informed and comfortable through the entire procedure. Dr. Prasad did an excellent job and I am extremely happy about my new smile.”

Susan K., Saratoga, CA


“ I have finally found a Dental home, right here in Saratoga. It has a professional, competent and caring staff.”

Maxine B, Saratoga, CA


★★★★★ My procedure was to have 16 tooth veneers (8 upper and 8 lower) over two 5-hour sessions. I received excellent treatment from Dr. Prasad and her staff. My nervousness was alleviated by Dr. Prasad’s caring approach and her empathy to me as the patient. I especially appreciated Dr. Prasad’s explanation of each procedure before it was implemented. Her sense of humour certainly helped my relaxation! I would certainly recommend Dr. Prasad and her staff to anyone contemplating her care.

Dr. Prasad’s Hygienists, Amy, Marisela, Jaqueline were uniformly competent, caring & efficient. They did their work diligently and did not engage in chit-chat. (as some other hygienists have been known to do!

Patient Review 1
Treatment Length with Dr. Prasad: 2 years.
posted: 2012-02-17 6:25 PM on Dr. Oogle

★★★★★ We just recently moved to CA and I feel very fortunate to have discovered Dr. Prasad for my dental work! She has been AWESOME for myself, my husband, and my two young kids. She’s proactive in proposing dental work, compared to my previous dentists that had a “let’s wait and see” approach. Her practice is very impressive, from a technology standpoint. She leverages technology to put her patients at ease — TV screen/computer monitor off of the ceiling, dental cameras to show you your teeth, as she sees them, and a great website for on-line registration and e-mail reminders. Dr. Prasad recently did 3 crowns and 1 filling for myself. For my two kids, she did fillings on both kids (since they were tiny ones, she didn’t have to use novacaine) — the kids said that it was “super-easy” and they were done within 15-20 minutes. She is also in the process of helping my husband through the process of 3 dental implants. Both Dr. Prasad and her staff are very friendly, and trustworthy.

Patient 2
Treatment Length with Dr. Prasad: 4 months.
posted: 2011-11-07 1:44 PM on Dr. Oogle

★★★★★ I visit Argonaut Dental for regular cleanings every six months for the past year and a half or so. I must say never have I ever felt so relaxed sitting in a dentist’s chair. The service Dr. Prasad and the hygienists provide is excellent, I have no complaints whatsoever. Seeing their warm smiles and lively attitudes brightens my afternoon and makes me feel at home. I will be sure to continue visiting Argonaut Dental for all my oral and dental hygiene needs.

Bambi, Marisela and Amy are all wonderful, friendly people who make every visit comfortable and pleasant. They work quickly and effectively, but take the time to converse and connect with their patients. After each visit I leave feeling satisfied with my clean teeth and the outstanding service.

Patient Review 3
Treatment Length with Dr. Prasad: 1-1.5 years
posted: 2011-11-03 11:05 PM on Dr. Oogle

★★★★★ Wonderful. After years of poor experiences with local dentists, we decided to drive 30 miles to try Dr. Sahana Prasad. We couldn’t be more pleased. Every time we visit the clinic, we are treated like friends of the family. You never get the feeling of being rushed. The staff members all love to chat, and we couldn’t feel more welcome. The doctor is charming, intelligent and gentle. And obviously highly skilled.
Problems and procedures are clearly explained before any work is done. Unlike many dentists we’ve tried, we never get the feeling that we’ve stepped into an “assembly line”. or are being sold on work that is not necessary. Only an honest appraisal and clear suggestions as to the best course of treatment. There is zero pressure. You can take it at your own pace. I had three crowns and one filling done. And my wife had a cracked tooth crowned. The procedures were painless and the results perfect.

All charges are discussed before any work is done. And they have worked seamlessly with our dental insurance to make sure we get full policy discounts. We have never been overcharged, or incurred costs beyond original estimates. Can’t say that about other dentists we’ve used. We have already passed on recommendations to friends

Delightfully friendly staff. Gentle and extremely skilled in their specialties. Everyone makes you feel right at home. You can just tell they all love their work. What a pleasant difference.


Patient Review 4
Treatment Length with Dr. Prasad: 3 Months.
posted: 2011-07-28 4:59 PM on Dr. Oogle

★★★★★ Would recommend Dr. Prasad to others. The treatment was successful and pain free. I felt the cost for the procedure was expensive but I don’t think Dr. Prasad has much control over this as I am on a dental plan. Entire office staff is outstanding and very professional and extremely skillful. Entire staffing of facility are very friendly and caring.

Marisela and Amy are very pleasant and skillful. Bambi also makes you feel welcome and creates a calming effect and able assistance to Dr. Prasad.

Patient Review 5

posted: 2011-07-21 9:02 PM on Dr. Oogle

★★★★☆ Had full checkup, couple fillings and a sealant. Very easy and quick. I appreciated that the staff took much time to explain each procedure and show me (using the cameras, models etc) the problems with my teeth. I would certainly recommend Dr. Prasad to others.

Patient Review 6
Treatment Length with Dr. Prasad: 1 month.
posted: 2011-07-19 5:08 PM on Dr. Oogle

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