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Mouth Guard (Occlusal and Night)


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You have just received your Mouth Guard to help you protect your teeth, gums and jaw from grinding or Bruxism and/or clenching. For maximum benefit, please observe the following cautions and general guidelines.

  • Use of Appliance: Wear your occlusal (night) guard nightly while sleeping. It may take a few nights to become comfortable with wearing it throughout the night. Do not be alarmed; just continue to wear it as much as possible.
  • Hard vs. Soft Mouth Guard: If we have recommended a “hard” mouth guard you may notice some sensitivity or pressure to the teeth. This is normal due to the tight fit of these appliances. Don’t worry, this will subside. However, if it does not, we may need to make adjustments to your mouth guard. The alternative to a hard mouth guard is a soft, vinyl variety. This type is tolerated best by new mouth guard wearers, gaggers and those able and desiring to whiten their teeth.
  • Care of Appliance: Remove your mouth guard and clean it by brushing it with your toothbrush. Always keep the appliance in its case so it is not misplaced or mistaken as a toy by pets.

Please contact our Saratoga dental office if you are concerned about any symptoms, have pain or increasing discomfort.

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