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In-Office Bleaching

in-office bleaching saratoga

You have just received professional teeth whitening to deliver optimum whitening results in a short amount of time. However it is very important to note that results vary for each patient. To ensure your teeth retain it’s whiteness, we recommend you follow up with bleaching trays to take at home to maintain the brightness of your smile.

For maximum benefit, please observe the following cautions and general guidelines.

  • Colored Liquids: Don’t take any colored liquids for the next 3 days like coffee, tea, dark sodas and dark juices because your teeth will readily absorb the color stain from the liquids and reverse the whitening results. If drinking colored liquids cannot be avoided, use a straw to prevent staining your teeth.
  • Sensitivity: Temperature sensitivity is quite normal after your in-office whitening treatment. Please use the fluoride treatment we have provided to help take away some of the sensitivity. Try to brush with a toothpaste especially formulated for sensitive teeth and avoid very hot and very cold temperatures just until the sensitivity fades. This feeling of sensitivity will normally last for a week. You can take Ibuprofen or your usual medicine for a headache or any other discomfort.
  • Irritation: If gum irritation happens just wash your mouth with warm salt water every couple of hours. You can also apply a topical anesthetic prior to eating if necessary. Check out a product by Colgate called Sooth and Seal  an over-the-counter item that is used to cover any blisters and assists in healing.

Please contact Argonaut Dental if you are concerned about any symptoms, have pain or increasing discomfort after an in-office bleaching treatment.

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