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Dental Plans Explained

Get to Know More About Your Dental Plans

dental plansDental plans are alternatives to dental insurance made more affordable for individuals, families, or groups who are in need of dental treatments. Most dental plans are set up like medical plans. Most of these have a network of contracted dental providers that offer discounted dental services based on rates negotiated by the dental plan. Your choice of dental providers and your out-of-pocket costs will depend on the type of dental plan you have.

Typical Dental Plans

Dental PPO Plans

PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organization and when you visit a dentist under the PPO setting, you get to enjoy low cost dental treatment at the dentist of your choice. With PPO dental plans, patients are often given a maximum health coverage of about $1,000 per year, where preventive services are given an 80% coverage and prosthetic work like dental bridges are given a 50% coverage.

Fee-for-Service Plans

Also known as an indemnity plan or traditional plan, they function much like PPO dental plans in that a portion of the service is being covered by the PPO. Unfortunately, with this type of plan, patients end up paying so much more than they do when they use a PPO plan.

Dental HMO or Prepaid Plans

Such plans are regarded as prepaid healthcare plans because you have already covered the fee of the treatment even before you receive it, and you basically just redeem it in the dental office when you visit. There is no deductible or maximums that you will meet, but you will need to get a pre-authorization from the particular dentist you are looking to visit, to make sure that he is within the network.

Discount Plans

This type of dental plan is very specific to a particular dentist’s office. It is not insurance. It is a discount offer that dentists provide to their own patients, so that procedures are going to be so much easier to pay. It is specific relationship that dentists and patients enter into, devoid of any official paper work deductible or annual limits. In this kind of dental plan, the patient covers the entire cost of the treatment, but they are able to do so much easily because the rates are reduced.

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