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How to Floss Your Teeth

Flossing Tips

The proximal surfaces of teeth are the surfaces that fall between teeth and remain inaccessible for brushing. The finest approach to cleanse these areas is through flossing.


Just like tooth brushing, flossing has to be done after every meal if possible or at least once daily before going to sleep.

First of all, get a string of dental floss, approximately 2 feet in length. One end has to be wrapped around the middle finger of one hand and the other end on the middle finger of other hand.

With the help of your index and thumb, insert the floss in between all your teeth, taking one interdental space (gap between two teeth) at a time.

While flossing, see to it that your gums do not get injured. Your aim should be to cleanse the teeth surfaces, not the gum tissue.

After inserting the floss in the interdental area, wrap the floss around each side of the tooth (embrace the tooth) and mildly move it forward and backward as well as up and down. Next, move on to the opposite surface of the neighboring tooth.

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