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How to Brush Your Teeth

To carry out effective brushing you must have a good toothbrush. A toothbrush with soft bristles and small head part is ideal. The idea behind using a soft toothbrush is that, it will remove the plaque layer without abrading off the tooth surface or injuring the gums.

The next step is to choose good toothpaste. Usually, a toothpaste with fluoride content is enough, unless your dentist has advised you for another toothpaste that meets your special requirements. Two of the most recommended brands of toothpastes by dentists are Colgate Total and Crest Multicare.

One of the important rules of brushing is to start from a definite spot and slowly proceed to the opposite side and then to the opposite arch so that you finish at the point where you had started. By following this method there is hardly any chance to miss out any location. The quantity of toothpaste, almost similar to the size of a pea, will suffice. A thorough brushing can take a minimum of 2 minutes and can go up to 4 minutes.

There are numerous methods on how to brush your teeth but one of the most frequently used ones is explained here:

how to brush your teethThe toothbrush has to be held at an angle of 45 degree towards the teeth. The tips of the bristles are slightly pressed on the gums so that the area between the teeth and gums get cleaned. Next step is to apply back-forth strokes with occasional up-down strokes to wash out the plaque layer on teeth and gums.

This movement has to be repeated for about 6 to 10 times and the next set of 2 t 3 teeth has to be taken. At times, your mouth may get overfilled with foam. Just take a break and continue brushing after spitting out the foam.

Your brushing is done only when all tooth surfaces have been cleaned and not when your oral cavity has got filled with foam! The masticating surfaces of teeth have pits and grooves and the plaque layer can be removed from there by generating short strokes. By holding the brush in a vertical manner you will find it easier and better to brush the inner surface of front teeth.

Ideally speaking, it is good to brush after every meal. That might not be possible every time so the dentists advise you to brush twice daily, that is after having breakfast and before going to sleep.

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