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Dental Fluoride and Decay Prevention

dental fluoride saratogaThe teeth of both children and adults are always susceptible to bacteria. Gum disease and tooth decay are the leading problems that people have with their oral health, so it is always important to find a way to protect yourself and maintain the health of your teeth, may it be with your individual attempts at home or through the partnership you build with your dentist and his team.

Many years ago, scientists started to notice that children who were born and raised in areas with natural fluoride in their drinking water developed fewer cavities than children in other areas.

Fluoride that is absorbed by your body when the teeth are forming integrates into the structure of enamel and makes it stronger. In other words, when a mother who is pregnant ingests enough fluoride while the child in her womb is developing and his teeth buds are growing, you are making sure that the teeth that finally erupt into the mouth of the child will be stronger.

Dental Fluoride Saratoga

dental fluoride saratogaAfter the teeth have erupted, the battle does not really end here because you still have to protect these teeth and the permanent teeth that will come out.

Fluoride that is found in your toothpaste or mouthwash can supply the necessary amount of fluoride that your teeth needs, but you can also receive regular fluoride applications in your dentist’s office. Such measures will still have a positive effect on your teeth because it strengthens the enamel and reduces any chance it developing tooth decay.

If you have children and you live in an area that has little or no fluoride in the drinking water, you should consult your dentist and physician to find out about your different options for supplementation, whether in topical applications or oral tablets. For best results, fluoride applications are best for children with developing teeth and bones.

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