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Dental Health Diet

dental health dietSugar is considered to be the prime reason for tooth decay mainly due to the presence of oral bacteria. The regularity of sugar consumption is more important than the quantity of sugar consumed.

Perhaps the most awful thing for your teeth could be you having a soda by taking a sip once in every few minutes for a good length of time; the same goes for having snacks as well. Dentists recommend to have snacks or soda or juice immediately after your meals probably as a dessert or rather consume them in one session itself. On eating or drinking sugary items over an extensive duration, a steady supply of sugar is generated for cariogenic bacteria!

It is essential to understand all the resources of sugar that are available to us.

An important point to be considered is that not only sweet items, but foods that get converted to sugar like bread play a major role in incidence of dental decay. Reduction in your sugar consumption is a very good way to make your teeth cavity-free, and will help you maintain good overall health as well.

So what to do in situation when you need to have sugar? The finest method to prevent cavities is to put off the sugar from your teeth. Some other tips like brushing after having sugar, swishing your mouth nicely with fluoride-containing mouth wash, or having a sugarless chewing gum can also be of some help. Nevertheless, nothing can prove itself to be more effective than avoidance of sugar!

Are there any types of food that can keep a check on the occurrence of tooth decay? Well, not actually. According to the belief of some people munching foods like apples and carrots may have a type of plaque elimination effect, but they have a definite percentage of sugar as well. In short, the benefits of such food have not been proved yet.

The foods that are acidic can cause serious damage to the tooth structure. Fruits like lime, lemon or grapefruit are rich in citric acid and can erode off the tooth structure when consumed frequently.

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