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Digital Imaging and Diagnosis

Dental Technology and Digital Dental X-Rays

digital dental x-rays saratogaIntraoral Camera

The diagnosis of the existing dental condition of the patient is very important so much effort is put into the identification of the disease. The intraoral camera is a device that allows your Saratoga dentist, Dr. Prasad to take images from inside the mouth, to be reflected on the screen, and it helps in the diagnosis of disease.

It allows the dentist and the Argonaut Dental team to look closely into the condition of the teeth. The image can be flashed on a screen, so that everyone can deliberate on the findings, and the same image will be used to educate the patient about his condition. Images obtained from an intraoral camera can also be saved and kept for record purposes.



digital dental x-rays saratogaIntraoral X-Ray Sensors

Digital dental x-ray sensors are used to reflect radiographic images. In lieu of traditional films, a diagnostic image is taken to clearly see structures of the bone and inner layers of the teeth.



digital dental x-rays saratogaDigital Imaging and Patient Management Software

Even the management of patient charts and records are now computerized. The DENTRIX G4 chart is a user-friendly software that can be applied in charting and treatment planning. When the DEXIS is used in conjunction with the DENTRIX G4, images can be incorporated into the patients’ charts for efficient record keeping.


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