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Good and Bad Dental Health Diet

dental health diet

The maintenance of oral health can be quite tasking. It is a big responsibility to care for the health of your smile, but if you value what it holds you will make an effort.

The observance and maintenance of health demands true commitment, and it involves a lot of things. It involves the religious observance of exemplary oral hygiene practices which includes toothbrushing, flossing and rinsing with mouthwash; it involves scheduling regular dental visits for dental cleaning and check-ups; it involves the avoidance of unhealthy substances and habits that endanger oral health such as smoking, nail biting and so forth; and it involves the observance of a good dental health diet.

The foods you eat affect the health of your body and the health of your teeth. The food and drinks you take in, come into contact with your teeth first, before it does anything else, and when you are careless not to safeguard this aspect of your life, your oral health suffers.

Good Dental Health Diet

When you say good dental health diet, you are talking about foods that are not only harmless but also capable of promoting good oral health condition.

The following are some of the good foods that you should have more of:

Milk and other dairy products. Milk and cheeses are good sources of calcium. Calcium is a very important component of the tissues of the teeth, and getting more calcium makes the teeth strong. Another significant thing about cheeses is that they stimulate salivary production, which helps to cleanse teeth surface, avoiding disease formation and bacterial infection.

Fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are good sources of very essential vitamins and minerals. More so, fruits are good substitute for sweet cravings that you may have; and some vegetables have a cleansing capacity.

Yogurt. Yogurt is another good food to eat because they are good sources of calcium. One great thing about them is they can be combined with fruits for some flavour or they can be eaten on its own. They make a very healthy snack, instead of ice cream.

Bad Dental Health Diet

When you speak of bad dental health diet, you are now talking about foods that bring harm to the teeth. These are foods that endanger the health of the person’s smile, and it is going to be important that you have less or none of these substances:

Sugars. Sugars and carbohydrates are the biggest culprits of dental disease. When sugars combine with saliva and bacteria, they encourage the formation of plaque. Plaque unfortunately encourages the attack of bacteria. When bacteria is allowed populate in the mouth, it can penetrate into the tissues of the teeth causing it to decay. By avoiding sugars, you prevent the formation of plaque and so promote good oral health.

Sticky foods and Hard foods. Sticky and hard foods are not exactly bad but when you eat so much of them, you put your teeth in a lot of danger. Sticky foods get stuck in the teeth and they feed off bacteria, encouraging them to grow; and hard foods cause teeth structure to fracture and break.

You are what you eat and in the case of your oral health, the food you eat shall define the quality of your smile. When you make an effort to eat well, you can trust for everything else to be in order.