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Dental Emergencies

Fast and effective treatment from pain and dental problems

emergency dentistDental emergency treatment is available for patients suffering from the pain of a throbbing tooth, a broken jaw, or the unfortunate result of a crown that has fallen out. Through the services of an emergency dentist like Argonaut Dental, critical treatments are available whenever you need them most. Emergency dental services can be provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help the vast majority of patients.

Dental emergencies are given higher priority because dentists like Dr. Prasad understand that a patient shouldn’t have to suffer because of tooth problems; there should be help much like that available at the typical hospital emergency section where people can get appropriate treatment quickly, as soon as trouble appears!

Emergency dentists are always ready to relieve patients from their pains. Unfortunately, too many people try to cope with dental pain and put a necessary visit to their dentists on the backburner. Many dental problems, if postponed, may invite other undesirable complications relating to other parts of the body.

Get immediate treatment and avoid further pain

Dental pain can become even worse if it is not properly treated right away. If patients fail to have a wisdom tooth pulled or a toothache resolved, then the pain can actually spread to other parts of your body and invite other illnesses or injuries.

tooth painYou are also likely to suffer from severe migraines as a result of tooth pain. The longer you wait to take emergency dental services, the more intense the pain can become, or the pain may dissipate, causing a false sense of well-being.  It may be that the tissues have died, and the lack of pain does not mean that the problem has disappeared, but it may reappear with even more intensity. This will then negatively affect  your performance and behavior in your daily routine.

Emergency dental services available at Argonaut Dental include: dental check-ups, dental x-rays, crowns, tooth fillings and cleanings, tooth extractions, root canals and more. Dental insurance is accepted for these services, and those patients who prefer to use credit options, they can take advantage of a number of affordable payment plans offered.

Emergency dental services by Argonaut Dental are found to be comparatively more affordable than other dental practices in the area. Call us now at (408) 867-1800.

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