What our patients say

Always fastidious and meticulous in procedures, your conscientous work ethic encourages Mr. and Mrs. Ellis to unhesitatingly refer friends to Dr. Prasad and her team for dentistry.J.R.
James E
Excellent work
Flora C
It is always pleasant to come in.
Lillian B
I love the team at Argonaut Dental! Kind, warm and professional. It makes going to the dentist enjoyable. :)
Stefanie L
Great service and dental treatments for all members of the family!

Reading Dentist Reviews: Saratoga Dentist Search

When you are requiring Saratoga dental care, one of the best ways that you can find a good candidate is to read through reviews. A dentist review is a written account authored by a professional or a patient of based on their experience in the dental office. It is an unbiased view of the dentist’s Read More

How Kids Entertainment Make a Difference in Dental Appointments

While there are some children who will be completely pleasant and receptive of dental care, this is not true for all. As a matter of fact, it is common for children to be afraid of dentists. Mostly irrational, their fears keep them from being cooperative patients, so that it becomes very difficult to help them. Read More

Good and Bad Dental Health Diet

The maintenance of oral health can be quite tasking. It is a big responsibility to care for the health of your smile, but if you value what it holds you will make an effort. The observance and maintenance of health demands true commitment, and it involves a lot of things. It involves the religious observance Read More

Signs that Suggest the Presence of Periodontal Disease

The leading dental problem is gum disease. Contrary to what many people believe the teeth is not the only thing they should concern their selves with because the oral cavity is composed not only of the teeth. The oral cavity is composed of the teeth, the jaw bone, the soft tissue (the gums, lips, cheeks, Read More

Indications for Dental Extractions

A dental extraction or tooth removal may or may not be complicated procedure. It is performed with anesthesia, local or general, and may indicate the need for some sedative to make the procedure more comfortable for the patient. Depending on the severity of the case, a tooth extraction may just involve the mere loosening of the Read More